Airbus to give an inflation bonus of 1,500 euros to its employees

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Airbus will pay next month an exceptional bonus to its employees worldwide to compensate for the effect of inflation, and that will be 1,500 euros gross in the four countries where it has the largest industrial presence, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Sources from the manufacturer told EFE on Tuesday that the bonus will be paid to the 126,495 Airbus employees worldwide, but outside these four countries (45,931 in France, 42,972 in Germany, 11,881 in Spain and 9,368 in the United Kingdom) the bonus will not be the same amount. increases order for the A320neo Family to 98.

It will be calculated as a percentage of the average local wage base, the sources said. Young workers who alternate training and internships in the company will also benefit.

The aim is to help them compensate in the short term for the effect of inflation on the loss of their purchasing power.

This bonus does not alter the salary negotiation processes carried out in each country.

In France, for example, an agreement was signed last March that provides for a 6.8% increase for the years 2022-2023 as a whole and will be subject to a review in March next year.

The cost of the measure, some 200 million euros, will be reflected in the accounts of Airbus, which will publish its third quarter results next Friday.