United Airlines takes delivery of its fifteenth Boeing 787-10

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United Airlines took delivery of its fifteenth Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner on Tuesday, November 22.

United’s Dreamliners have a seating capacity of 318; 44 seats in Polaris Business Class, 21 in Premium Plus, 54 in Economy Plus and 199 in Economy.

United becomes first U.S. airline to invest in biofuel refinery.

The airline operates 787-10s to a variety of domestic and international destinations. In the United States on routes such as New York-Los Angeles, Chicago-Los Angeles and Chicago-Honolulu. And on transoceanic routes such as New York-Paris, New York-Tel Aviv and Los Angeles-Tokyo. From Chicago, the aircraft serve destinations such as Brussels, Munich and Frankfurt.

United expects to take delivery of six more Boeing 787-10s in the coming months.

The airline also operates the other two Dreamliner variants: 12 B787-8 and 38 B787-9 aircraft.

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