LATAM introduces a special livery collection dedicated to countries in which it operates

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With the aim of recognizing the local pride of Latin America’s leading airline group, LATAM Airlines unveiled its latest project, which consists of displaying five aircraft in the colors of the respective national flags of the countries where the subsidiaries operate domestic flights.

The idea, which will be extended throughout 2024, is to gradually incorporate the five painted aircraft on the domestic flights of the subsidiaries, starting this January 11 with LATAM Airlines Brazil, when an Airbus A320neo with the green-yellow colors will debut, followed by aircraft with the colors that identify the subsidiaries in Colombia, Chile, Peru and, finally, Ecuador.

LATAM Group transported close to 74 million passengers in 2023

“Through this initiative the group’s companies seek to further deepen ties with each of the territories where they operate, putting in value the pride of the origins of all employees that mobilize the LATAM group and reinforcing the connectivity that the group offers to people in their countries, in the region and in the world. The LATAM group is made up of a composition of South American cultures, diversity is an essential part of the group and this initiative is a way to honor and embrace the differences, because we know that it is a great wealth of the region,” said Martin St. George, vice president of commercial and marketing of LATAM Airlines Group.

The special paint, which is being implemented by 30 employees of the Brazilian subsidiary, maintains the characteristics of the LATAM logo already applied on its aircraft, modifying only the colors used.

The group currently has 332 aircraft; 56 Boeing passenger aircraft (767, 777 and 787 models) and 256 Airbus aircraft (A319, A320, A320neo, A321 and A321neo models). In addition, LATAM Cargo has 20 cargo aircraft.