LATAM Pass launches new marketplace in Chile where members can redeem miles for products

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LATAM Pass, the frequent flyer loyalty program of the LATAM group, launched a new marketplace in Chile: Shopping LATAM Pass, through which it offers its members a platform that allows them to redeem miles for a variety of products and services – beyond tickets and services related to tourism – such as household appliances, cell phones, accessories and gift cards, among many others.

This shopping space works similarly to the retail ones, where the product is chosen from a catalog available on the site, miles are redeemed and then, it is shipped to the selected address.

“This redemption alternative positions us as the only airline with a marketplace in Chile to redeem miles for products and services. In this way, our members have the alternative of using and obtaining miles, thanks to our extensive list of alliances with recognized brands, which contribute to improving our value proposition for the more than 46 million members we have globally,” said LATAM Pass CEO Cristián Ortiz.

LATAM Airlines recognized as the “Best Airline in South America”

According to the executive, the aim is to go a step beyond a traditional frequent flyer program and be recognized as a loyalty program, allowing members to interact daily with the LATAM Pass ecosystem. In this line, Cristián Ortiz adds that, in the medium term, there are plans to activate a new benefit whereby program members could earn miles for each purchase made with money in the Shopping Mall.

The intermediation between the merchants and LATAM is done by Go points, a technology provider that creates sites for loyalty programs.

Virtual Shopping has been active in Brazil since 2021 and, given its success in that market, the LATAM group has just brought this experience to Chile, and will then continue in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Uruguay.

A robust loyalty program

With a view to permanently improving the members’ experience, in 2023 LATAM Pass implemented a series of new benefits, including the possibility of combining miles and money in the redemption of airline tickets (which allows members to access ticket redemption more quickly); the option to purchase life and health insurance offered by insurance companies on the website (earning miles for their permanence) and improvements in the courtesy upgrade benefit, moving from coupons to flights within and outside South America; among many others.