Passengers who refuse to use mask, another challenge for the airlines.

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The world’s airlines are facing another problem: passengers who refuse to wear ‘masks’ on board and do not allow flights to be carried regularly.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), some passengers have refused to wear face masks once they are on the plane, despite the biosecurity protocols that all airlines in the world have promoted to reduce the possibility of contagion, which in the ‘air’ is less due to filtering systems.

“Some incidents on board have become violent, resulting in costly and extremely inconvenient detour,” the agency said in a statement released Monday.

Alexandre De Juniac, president of IATA, called on the common sense of passengers and acknowledged that most travelers understand the importance of wearing a ‘mask.

In Mexico, a couple of weeks ago an incident occurred when a passenger, in an apparent state of inebriation, scolded other passengers. The event caused a delay in the flight and forced airport authorities, as well as the crew, to ask the passenger to step off the plane.

Regarding the incidents in several countries, De Juniac pointed out that this not only constitutes a strong blow to the airlines, but also puts flight safety at risk.

“Non-compliance can jeopardize the safety of a flight, disrupt the travel experience of other passengers and affect the working environment of the crew,” he said.

By Aldo Munguía – El Financiero