International flights have no official resumption date, says the president of the Peruvian Council of Ministers.

The resumption of international flights and the reopening of borders in Peru still do not have an official date, after almost seven months of closure due to the covid-19 pandemic, the president of the Peruvian Council of Ministers, Walter Martos, announced this Sunday.

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“There is no official date. We are probably seeing that it will be in October because, the rates of infection are going down and we will start gradually to open, but we have not yet made a decision in consensus,” said Martos in an interview with the newspaper Correo.

“We will see how the pandemic develops with one week left or at the end of September we will make a decision,” he added.

Martos said that the Minister of Transport, Carlos Estremadoyro, is looking at the biosafety protocols and will probably be able to finish by the first day of October.

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“We have to submit it to the Council of Ministers,” said the president of the Council of Ministers.

Estremadoyro had announced on Wednesday that as of October 1st, international flights would resume and the borders would be reopened.

The United States, Mexico, Spain and Chile are among the first group of countries from which flights will be authorized, according to the minister.

Peruvian authorities will require PCR (molecular) tests of covid-19 to all arriving passengers as part of the new health controls.

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