Passenger traffic at Spanish airports fell by 70% in August.

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The airports of the Aena network closed the month of August with 69.6% fewer passengers than in the same month last year, with the trend showing some improvement over July, when year-on-year traffic fell by 76.2%, as airlines resumed their commercial offer and with the second wave of coronavirus and restrictions in Europe on the horizon, reported Reuters.

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Operations continued to increase for the second month in a row, with 142,962 operations in August compared to 118,467 the previous month.

In year-on-year comparison, the number of passengers recorded by the airport manager is well below the levels of 2019, remaining at just over 895 million passengers in August, according to the data published on Friday.

International routes are particularly affected, with 4 million passengers in August, 80.7% less than in the same month in 2019.

“Borders and mobility with third countries still present restrictions,” explained Aena in her press release.

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