Lufthansa tests its new “Sleeper’s Row” concept.

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With social distancing present in everyone’s mind, having your own space on an airplane has never been more important.

But would you pay extra to sleep in a row of economy class seats?

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Lufthansa hopes so. The German airline is testing its new “Sleeper’s Row” concept on its flights from Frankfurt, Germany, to São Paulo, Brazil, from November 18 to mid-December.

The idea is that passengers traveling in economy class can take a row of three or four seats, and then stretch out over them, replicating the experience of a bed in business class. Passengers will receive a blanket, pillow and seat cover for added comfort, and will also be offered priority boarding.

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Those interested must purchase the upgrade at the airport, either during check-in or at the boarding gate, for $260 in addition to the price of the original ticket.

Innovative, affordable seating designs

This concept is not new… Since 2011, the airline Air New Zealand has offered its Economy Skycoach, which is a similar proposal. The company markets the Skycoach as perfect for family travelers, and prices vary by flight.

In 2019, Airbus debuted its Settee Corner concept, which takes the three-seat economy configuration as its inspiration for a sofa seat that takes up less space and weighs less than the average Business Class seat.

Meanwhile, designer Jeffrey O’Neill recently unveiled his futuristic economy seat concept: Zephyr Seat, a two-story seating configuration.

O’Neill told CNN Travel in June that he believed the increased privacy offered by the seat would be attractive to travelers in the wake of the coronavirus, even though Zephyr Seat is in its design phase at this time.

By Francesca Street.

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