When do you plan to start Ultra Air operations?

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The new airline Ultra Air, which presented this Thursday its project for validation in Colombia, will seek to compete with 20% cheaper than average fares from 2021.

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It also plans to create 2,000 direct jobs in Colombia and 12,000 indirect jobs, as confirmed by the company’s founder, Mexican William Shaw, reported Dinero.

“We presented the project to the Civil Aeronautics so that they allow us to constitute ourselves to have the permission to be an airline. The public hearing is to present the project to the community, to the Colombians, to see if there is public convenience, I feel that we have complied with it to a great extent and we will be giving the results in the next few days,” said Shaw.

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“We started a five-phase certification process, which begins with the application, then the submission of security manuals, the evaluation of documentation, the inspection of the aircraft and the last one is the certification with five aircraft,” he said.

The businessman participated in a virtual press conference in which he offered details regarding the project he has presented to the Civil Aeronautics to constitute its operation in the country as a new airline.

“Today we are asking the Civil Aeronautics for the authorization to operate domestic (29) and international (15) routes, these are the sites we want to integrate, we want people to travel and to be able to be close to the others. That is, gradually, we are requesting the routes we will be entering in the following months,” complemented Ultra Air’s financial vice president, Oscar Herrera.

During the event, the executive William Shaw highlighted that the company, which plans to start operations on the route to San Andres from Medellin, Cali or Bogota, wants to enter to compete with rates 20% below the country’s average.

The intention of the company is to become a regular air transport company for passengers, mail and cargo. According to the request, the airline’s main air base would be in Rionegro, Antioquia.

The air transport service would be provided in Airbus A320 CEO or Boeing B737 Max 8 aircraft, both on domestic and international routes.

“We are in the process of making a decision and choosing between a Boeing B737 Max 8 and an Airbus A320, the decision will depend on the efficiencies that we have and the lower cost that each of the planes offers us,” said Herrera.

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