Qantas delays resumption of international flights until October.

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Qantas announced Thursday that it will resume international flights to and from Australia at the end of October, almost four months later than planned, a date that coincides with the scheduled end of the vaccination campaign in the Oceanic country.

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Australia, which started this week with the first phase of vaccination aimed at health workers, has had its borders closed since March 2020 and prevents its nationals from traveling abroad, although it maintains a low number of repatriation flights, reported EFE.

Qantas stressed that once it resumes its international operations, these will be different to the period before the pandemic and expects to fully resume its routes by 2024.

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The airline expects to operate next October 22, 22, the 25 flights it used to operate to Los Angeles, London, Singapore and Johannesburg, although it has not yet given a date for flights to New York and Osaka (Japan), as well as Santiago, which is one of the routes most used by Latin Americans.

Qantas reported in another statement a net loss of A$1.081 billion ( €708 million) between June and December 2020, compared to the A$445 million (€291 million) it reported in the second half of 2019.

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