Volotea launches 9 new routes in Spain.

Volotea announced Thursday 9 new routes that will link six Spanish cities with destinations in the Balearic Islands during the summer season, from July to October.

The airline increases its seats by 149% compared to 2020 and will also fly for the first time from the airports of Badajoz, Reus, Salamanca and San Sebastian.

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Volotea will fly from the airport of San Sebastian, with the inauguration on June 23 and 25, two routes that will link the capital of Guipuzcoa with Palma de Mallorca and Menorca with two weekly connections. San Sebastian will thus become the second city in the Basque Country, together with Bilbao, to be served by the airline.

The airline will connect from June 26 and 24, respectively, Badajoz and Salamanca with Palma de Mallorca with two weekly frequencies, and Reus, with Palma de Mallorca (from June 24) and also with Menorca (from June 23).

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Volotea will also link the airport of A Coruña with the airport of Menorca and with Bilbao, with two weekly frequencies.

It will also inaugurate from June 23 the route between Murcia and Menorca, with two weekly frequencies.

Volotea thus increases routes in Spain by 40% compared to 2020 (91 compared to 65) and by 8% compared to 2019 (91 compared to 84). In number of seats the airline is growing by 149% compared to 2020 and 23% compared to 2019.

“We want to continue to consolidate our growth in Spain and bet on connections between the mainland and the islands and between medium and small cities, an optimal strategy in the COVID context. All this with maximum safety and punctuality in operations, commented Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO of Volotea.

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