Panama: Tocumen Airport implements new security system for transit passengers.

With a flight from Guatemala, Panama began the implementation at the new Terminal 2 of Tocumen International Airport of the One-Stop Security system for passengers coming from non-validated countries, which guarantees that travelers and their hand luggage have been duly inspected at the point of origin.

Travelers in transit through Tocumen from countries with which Panama has agreements do not have to undergo such controls, because if a passenger has already been checked at the terminal where he/she boarded the plane, the plane remains sterile when he/she arrives at Tocumen International Airport, the terminal from where he/she can make connections to other destinations.

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However, in the event that an airport does not meet the security standards established at Tocumen, passengers arriving from that terminal will be subject to a second screening.

“This measure will maintain high levels of security and avoid inconvenient connections without compromising quality and service to passengers,” highlighted Raffoul Arab, General Manager of the air terminal.

The purpose is to standardize the security systems of the Panamanian terminal with those of the airports that are linked to Tocumen, making it a pioneer in the region in implementing the OSS system, which guarantees air safety.

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