IATA awards Copa Airlines NDC Level 4 Certification.

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Panama’s Copa Airlines announced that as of August 5, 2021 it has NDC (New Distribution Capability) Level 4 Certification status, under the NDC Certification program, granted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

NDC is a technology standard developed by airlines together with IATA with the aim of modernizing airline distribution. NDC enables direct and robust communication between airlines and travel agencies, and allows airlines to offer dynamic and personalized products and prices in real time. The NDC Level 4 certification demonstrates that Copa Airlines uses full NDC-compliant bid and order management messaging.

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“Distribution in the airline industry has been slower to change; however, Copa, like many airlines around the world, is committed to developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to ensure that we and our partner agencies can compete in the demanding environment we face. Receiving NDC Level 4 certification is an important milestone on our path to a more dynamic and competitive distribution model.” Notes Dennis Cary, senior vice president of commercial and planning for Copa Airlines.

Through NDC, Copa Airlines will provide a modern, reliable and content-rich channel that will differentiate the product and service offerings that travel agency partners can provide to the airline’s customers.

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