U.S. plans new system for international travel.

White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients said Wednesday that the United States is developing a “new system for international travel” that will include robust new mitigation procedures, such as contact tracing.

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Zients told the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board that the administration does not plan to immediately relax any travel restrictions due to the Delta variant cases.

“We are studying the possibility of imposing vaccination requirements for foreign nationals traveling to the United States,” Zients said.

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Reuters first reported in early August that the White House was developing vaccination requirements that could cover nearly all foreign visitors.

Extraordinary travel restrictions in the United States were first imposed on China in January 2020 to address the spread of COVID-19. Other countries have been added, most recently India in May.

The administration wanted to lift the travel restrictions “as soon as we can,” Zients said, adding that it was “working now to be ready to replace the current restrictions with a new system for international travel that is safer, stronger and sustainable.”

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