American Airlines redesigns its AAdvantage loyalty program.

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American Airlines is redesigning its award-winning AAdvantage loyalty program, ridding it of complicated elite qualifying metrics for an easy-to-understand point system that provides multiple ways to earn status. In 2022, AAdvantage members can earn status by flying, using an AAdvantage credit card for purchases or spending with an AAdvantage partner.

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“Loyalty should be simple, and we have reimagined our AAdvantage program to a single point system that provides a clear path to earning status for our members,” said Chief Customer Officer Alison Taylor. “For our loyal members, the message is simple: Earn AAdvantage miles, earn status — whether that’s by flying on American or by spending on everyday activities. We thank our members for their continued loyalty and look forward to this renewed relationship as we enter 2022.”

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Achieving AAdvantage status

For every qualifying AAdvantage mile earned, members will earn one Loyalty Point. Here’s how to earn points:

  • Members can earn Loyalty Points by flying on American or one of its eligible partner airlines.
  • You can also earn Loyalty Points when you use an AAdvantage credit card for purchases.
  • Don’t fly often, no problem. Join fellow AAdvantage members who will earn Loyalty Points every year just by shopping online or dining out.

AAdvantage 2022 status requirements

Status – Loyalty Points

Gold – 30,000
Platinum – 75,000
Platinum Pro – 125,000
Executive Platinum – 200,000

Unlock Loyalty Choice Rewards

Next year, AAdvantage members can unlock Loyalty Choice Rewards, formerly called elite choice rewards. Loyalty Choice Rewards is a menu of rewards awarded to members that earn Platinum Pro status or higher and fly at least 30 flights on American or qualifying partner airlines.

Members can select the Loyalty Choice Reward they value the most, including an Admirals Club day pass, systemwide upgrades or bonus AAdvantage miles. Additional Loyalty Choice Rewards are available to unlock as members accrue more Loyalty Points.

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