65 new routes approved for Viva Airlines.

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The Civil Aeronautics gave the go-ahead for the addition of 65 new routes requested to Sociedad Fast Colombia S.A.S., known as Viva, to be operated as a regular passenger airline, to be operated in A320 aircraft.

With this addition, given for the first time to an airline company in Colombia, the offer of routes and destinations for air transportation users is expanded and the air reactivation process is strengthened.

Viva and Viva Aerobus announce interline agreement.

“The authorized routes will offer a new range of possibilities for air transport users to find more alternatives within the market, provide more connection points inside and outside the country and ratify the national government’s commitment to support the economic reactivation of the sectors derived from the air activity, which has already reached 20 million passengers and is expected to reach 30 million by the end of 2021,” said Camilo Pabón Almanza, Minister of Transportation (E).

The new routes will connect Bogota with Houston, Miami, New York, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Baltimore and Tampa. They will also connect Medellín with New York, Houston and San Juan de Puerto Rico; Cartagena and Cúcuta with Miami; and Cali with Orlando and Miami.

On the other hand, travelers will be able to connect with Mexico on routes linking Cali with Cancun and Mexico City; Bogota with Cancun and Cartagena with Mexico City.

Colombia: Viva starts flights to five new domestic routes.

Likewise, the addition of routes to Viva will allow the airline to connect Cali and Cartagena with Lima and Bogota with Cuzco in Peru; while Brazil will be connected between Bogota and Rio de Janeiro.

The new routes also have connection points with Central America and the Caribbean on routes that will connect Medellín with Punta Cana, San Salvador, Panama and Santo Domingo; Bogotá with Santo Domingo, Panama, Guatemala City, Aruba and San Salvador.

As for domestic routes, the Civil Aeronautics Authority authorized Viva to connect Bogotá with Neiva, Valledupar, Yopal, Armenia, Apartadó and Pasto; and Cartagena with Cúcuta, Villavicencio, Pasto and Neiva.

Additionally, San Andres with Neiva, Pasto, Armenia, Villavicencio and Santa Marta; Cali with Monteria, Bucaramanga and Riohacha; Santa Marta with Bucaramanga; Medellin with Leticia, Armenia and Apartadó and Bucaramanga with Cúcuta.

All these routes will be operated with seven weekly frequencies.

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