Aerolineas Argentinas warned that there could be delays and cancellations due to a wave of contagions.

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Aerolineas Argentinas informed this Monday that due to the growing increase of Covid-19 infections, the operation of its flights could suffer changes or rescheduling, according to the company’s president, Pablo Ceriani, through his Twitter account.

Aerolíneas Argentinas adds frequencies, seasonal flights and new routes starting in January.

“Due to the new wave of contagions that we are experiencing throughout the country, which also affects Aerolíneas Argentinas personnel, we would like to inform that our operations may suffer delays, modifications and/or cancellations.”

“In view of this situation, we are making a very great effort to sustain operations in the middle of the summer season and to affect flight schedules as little as possible. We ask for your patience, any news regarding your flights will be communicated through official channels.”

In addition, the head of Aerolíneas Argentinas commented that this situation is being suffered by all airlines and that only yesterday, 4,000 flights were cancelled worldwide.

Aerolíneas Argentinas will add two more Airbus A330s its fleet.

Those passengers who may be affected will receive a notification via the contact email address they have informed in their reservation with the modification of their flight.

Finally, the airline informed that it is carrying out an important summer season operation with 230 daily departures between domestic, regional and international flights.

Photo: Mauricio V. Genta/Wikipedia

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