Wingo strengthens its digital traveler service channels

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Wingo airline is committed to improving its customer service channels with a plan to strengthen the different points of contact -call center, web form and whatsapp- to facilitate the most effective response to travelers and also to cope with the increase in the number of travelers projected to mobilize in 2022.

Wingo has placed its users at the center and has focused on strengthening its customer service and response channels. Therefore, so far this year, the airline has recorded a call response rate of 90% and a 100% response rate for cases received via WhatsApp. Likewise, more than 90% of the complaints and claims received through the web form are attended (first response) within the first 15 working days following receipt of the request.

Wingo plans to move 70,000 passengers during Easter Week.

In addition, Wingo has been strengthening its “Manage Your Trip” option, available on the website, through which travelers can change the route and/or date of their flights and add additional services.

“Our model goes beyond low fares and focuses on improving our travelers’ experience. We have been continuously transforming ourselves by thinking about their needs and improving interaction at every point of contact. Today we have a new contact channel via WhatsApp, and we continue to work on automating our self-service processes. We continually seek to design agile solutions and continue to fly high. Our challenge this year is to significantly reduce response times to complaints and continue working with all areas of the business to offer a more reliable service and good vibes,” said Paula Ramos, Wingo’s Traveler Experience Manager.