Five tips for flying with children

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Family vacations start even before boarding the plane, for parents, children and other passengers. A smooth and comfortable trip when flying with children, whether they are infants (0-2 years old) or children (2-11 years old), is partly the result of good organization and planning.

Wingo strengthens its digital traveler service channels.

For parents who are worried about budget, luggage capacity, finding the right seat, among other concerns, we share with you these tips offered by the Colombian airline Wingo that can help you make flying as a family more fun:

  1. Space matters: airlines such as Wingo offer special fares for infants (0-2 years old), who can travel for free to domestic destinations, or pay only 10% of the fare to international destinations, as long as they do not occupy a seat. If parents prefer a seat for greater comfort, they can purchase it at the available fare and must carry the special seat for infants.
  2. Value the extra comfort: although children over two years of age pay the full fare and have their assigned seat, what’s better than having extra space for them to move around and be what they are: children. Some airlines offer the Extra-Space seat option that allows passengers to choose where to sit, board first, enjoy a better location on the plane and be next to their family members.
  3. Pack with peace of mind: packing a suitcase is usually a tedious part of the trip, and if you are traveling with children, the list of “must-haves” multiplies. Wingo offers a service where, apart from the personal item, infants (0-2 years old) can take an additional piece of luggage with the same characteristics and dimensions of the personal item, for example, a diaper bag that can be placed under the chair. Even so, the airline knows that families need much more space and, therefore, offers the possibility of adding Additional Baggage that allows up to three 20kg suitcases per service purchased, transported in the hold of the aircraft.
  4. Measure your time when traveling: everyone has seen stressed parents at the airport, dodging the crowds with their children in their arms and trying to get to the boarding gate before closing time. That’s why airlines like Wingo have a Fast Lane service available for passengers to bypass the check-in queue and move to the boarding lounge more quickly. This way, parents can relax for a while before the flight starts.
  5. Experience a trip on the palate: it is not convenient for children or parents to travel on an empty stomach. That’s why the airline can customize the experience by choosing the Wingo Market option when purchasing tickets. This service allows you to reserve snacks, beverages, products for the little ones and combos or souvenirs with a 10% savings, to enjoy a trip full of flavors.

“We are the first and only Latin American airline that allows the option of ordering snacks and beverages at the time of ticket purchase, through our Wingo Market. In addition, as we like to pamper the youngest Wingo travelers, we are working to continue strengthening the in-flight experience with personalization and will soon launch a delicious children’s menu,” said Ana Restrepo Santamaría, Wingo’s Ancillaries Manager.

Do not forget that every child or adolescent requires the written and notarized permission of the parents to leave the country when not traveling with one of them, or when traveling with a guardian. In addition, they must present their valid passport, civil registry or identity card, along with the identification of the responsible adult.