Argentina: Inauguration of a new Control Tower simulator at Aeroparque

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At the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airport in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Air Navigation Company (EANA) installed and put into operation the new ATC simulator. It consists of a tool that simulates being a Control Tower with a 180º visual presentation, and is intended for the continuous training of Air Traffic Controllers. With its incorporation, the first of a series of simulators that will be installed in different airports in the country, EANA is at the forefront at the regional level in the development and implementation of new technology for the aeronautical industry.

The commissioning of the ATC simulator allows the level of instruction to be raised, since the simulation is carried out with adequate standards of realism, emulating the communication and display systems found in a real control tower. Likewise, the weather condition can be programmed, going from optimal to very low. The simulator is designed with three work positions for air traffic controllers and, in another adjoining physical space, for three collaborators who act as pilots. It also has a space for the person in charge and supervisor of the room.

Aerolineas Argentinas to train Aeromexico pilots.

Among the variables that can be simulated and trained is the improvement in handling unusual or emergency situations. This type of drill can only be carried out in a practical way in this class of simulators, and it is very important that the controllers remain trained for this type of situation. Practical training is also based on regulatory, infrastructure and technological changes, and is mandatory by regulation of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC). In addition to the Aeroparque CTA team, the simulator will also serve as a training device for the CTAs of the San Fernando and El Palomar airports, optimizing the use of resources.

The inauguration of the simulator represents another advance in the implementation of the Transportation Modernization Plan promoted by the National Ministry of Transportation. Having such a tool makes it possible to carry out an ATC training plan in a dynamic, safe and low-cost manner, the profitability of which is manifested in the improvement of the productivity of Air Traffic Controller operations.

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