Qantas will incorporate another six Airbus A321P2F

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The Australian Qantas Freight reported on Monday that it will increase its fleet with six Airbus A321P2F aircraft to meet the growing demand for electronic commerce.

The six A321 freighters, expected to arrive progressively between early 2024 and mid-2026, will replace the fleet of five Boeing 737 Freighters. Currently the company has three A321P2F.

Qantas asks its executives to work as baggage handlers at airports.

Each plane can carry 23 tons of cargo, nine tons more than the older 737s, and are about 30% more fuel efficient per ton carried.

The aircraft will be purchased on the open market and converted from passenger to cargo. This conversion work will include the removal of seats and the installation of a cargo handling system.

“Qantas Freight plays a vital role in Australia’s supply chain and this investment will grow our operations so that they can support increased demand for overnight delivery,” said Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.

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