Iberia Plus changes its Avios accrual system

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The Iberia Plus loyalty program is changing its customer rewards system to make it more transparent and, at the same time, increase rewards on the routes most used by Iberia’s frequent flyers.

As of today, Avios will begin to accrue based on the price of the flight. In this way, each euro invested – excluding taxes and fees – will be converted into five Avios for Iberia Plus Classic, six Avios for Iberia Plus Silver, seven for Iberia Plus Gold and eight Avios for Iberia Plus Platinum, Infinita and Infinita Prime.

In addition, flights to or from Latin America will have an extra advantage: they will add two additional Avios to their multiplier. That is, an Iberia Plus Classic instead of five Avios for every euro spent, will multiply by seven, Iberia Plus Silver by eight, Iberia Plus Gold by nine, and Iberia Plus Platinum, Infinita and Infinita Prime by ten.

Iberia moves to New York JFK Airport’s new Terminal 8.

Puente Aéreo users will also get extra Avios depending on the card level, up to nine Avios per euro. And additional services to the flight, such as additional baggage or seat selection, among others, will also be taken into account in the calculation to award Avios.

Increased investment in frequent customers

In this way, Iberia is increasing the rewards for its most frequent customers and on the routes they use most, as well as rewarding them for services that complement the flight, which makes the loyalty program even more attractive.

Customer Engagement Director Silvia Morán points out that “with this new reward system, which is more transparent for all our customers, we will invest 22 percent more Avios, which we hope will further boost satisfaction levels with the program”.

Elite Points, which are required to upgrade to Iberia Plus status and thus obtain more benefits, will remain unchanged.

Level of all Iberia Plus customers is maintained until March 2023

As a result of the pandemic, in 2021 many Iberia customers were unable to travel as much as they would have liked. In order to thank them for their trust and contribution to the revival of travel, the airline has maintained their Iberia Plus level, regardless of the number of flights they flew last year. This is allowing them to continue enjoying the same program benefits until March 2023.

In addition, for all those who have managed to maintain the level by their own means, Iberia has given them a bonus of additional Elite Points, needed to upgrade or maintain the level at the next review in March 2023.