Chile: Violent fight on LATAM flight leaves 4 arrested and 6 injured

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A violent incident on a domestic flight in Chile at the northern airport of Antofagasta left four people detained and at least six injured, LATAM Airlines and the Chilean Aeronautics General Directorate said Wednesday, which will file complaints against the assailants of officials.

The Antofagasta Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday the opening of an investigation “to clarify the serious incidents that occurred” on a commercial plane on Monday as it prepared to leave the northern region for Santiago, reported AP.

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Four adult passengers of Chilean nationality “were detained after assaulting officials” of Chile’s Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), who came to ask the four travelers to get off the flight, “resulting in an altercation between them.”

The airline LATAM reported that the passengers were disembarked for security reasons. The airline strongly condemned the aggressive behavior towards its collaborators, clients and public officials and stated that it will file a criminal complaint in this regard.

Six DGAC officials were slightly injured in an incident in which the Chilean police had to intervene, making the arrests and taking the individuals away as defendants, stated the public prosecutor’s office.

Aeronáutica Civil categorically rejected the aggressions suffered by its personnel “inside flight LA135 in Antofagasta” and announced that “they will exercise all corresponding legal actions against the aggressors,” it stated on Wednesday via Twitter.