Panama’s subway connects the capital with Tocumen Airport

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Starting this Wednesday, March 15, at 2:00 p.m., Panama subway begins commercial operations connecting Tocumen International Airport with the Corredor Sur and ITSE stations. Passengers, employees and users of Tocumen will be able to move in an expeditious and comfortable way to Albrook and vice versa.

With the inauguration of this subway branch, the airport takes a great leap in quality and regional competitiveness, by connecting in a comfortable, fast, economical and efficient way with the center of the capital city.

Raffoul Arab, Manager of Tocumen S.A., indicated that the arrival of the subway to the airport is an added value that offers the opportunity to those passengers in transit who have a few hours, to know and live a little with Panamanians in their day to day, visit places of interest, shopping centers and restaurants outside the air terminals.

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“The performance that Tocumen has shown, overcoming the adverse conditions generated by the COVID 19 pandemic, sustains the investment that the country has made by complementing a modern and efficient ground connectivity system with Terminal 2, which we put into operation on June 22, 2022, and Terminal 1,” Arab added.

Convenience and environmental management

“It is worth noting that Tocumen, in addition to its privileged geographical position, as of today is the only airport in the entire region connected to a massive ground mobility system such as this subway.”

Arab considers that, from the passenger’s point of view, it is a great advantage. But, also from the environmental point of view, it is a valuable facility that contributes to reduce the impact of airport activities, by reducing CO2 emissions derived from the use of private cars that consume fossil fuels.

In this sense, the operations of the subway to Tocumen International Airport complement the actions carried out by Tocumen, S.A. within the framework of its integral environmental management policy, which seeks to be certified as a green airport.

Regional competitiveness and investments

“Tocumen International Airport faces a lot of competition from several North and South American airports that have made, and are currently making substantial investments, to develop hub models like ours. In other words, the competition wants Panama’s business,” said Arab.

Thanks to the vision, leadership and support of the President of the Republic Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, this year and next year, Tocumen S.A., will execute projects for more than 60 million dollars in improvements to the passenger terminals and runways.

Regarding the subway, soon the airport will have a safe and friendly crosswalk between both terminals with this station. In addition, the free and permanent shuttle service that connects both terminals with the subway station and the Metro Bus will be maintained.

Photo: @violaguevara – Twitter