Airlines request that COVID-19 tests be performed before every international flight.

Airlines around the world on Tuesday asked for COVID-19 tests to be done on all international passengers before departure to replace the quarantines they blame for increasing the drop in travel, Reuters reported.

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Rapid, affordable antigen testing that can be administered by non-medical personnel is expected to become available in the “next few weeks” and to be implemented according to globally agreed standards, IATA Director General Alexandre De Juniac said during a media briefing.

Airlines hit by the pandemic are pressuring governments to adopt alternatives to the general travel restrictions that continue to hamper traffic recovery, and which are now being tightened again in Europe amidst a resurgence in the number of cases.

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“With rapid antigen testing available for as little as $7 each, airlines will push for its use to be endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United Nations agency that oversees global aviation standards,” De Juniac said.

“A global agreement is needed to ensure that test results on departure are accepted on arrival. It will also increase passengers’ confidence that everyone on the plane was tested,” he added.

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