Ryanair, on possible state aid to Iberia or Air Europa: “They must be available to all companies”.

The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair considers that “any aid” granted by a state “must be available to all airlines”, as it considers that anything that is not accessible to all companies “is not transparent”.

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This is how Ryanair’s Marketing and Digital Director, Dara Brady, responded in an interview with Europa Press, to the possibility that the Spanish Government would grant aid to airlines such as Iberia and Air Europa. “Everything that is not accessible to all companies is not transparent”, warned the manager.

Ryanair has been one of the airlines that has criticized from the outset the aid provided by European governments to their flag carriers, such as Germany’s Lufthansa or Portugal’s TAP.

From the company have insisted that the airlines need help but these have to be “transparent and fair” and can not “discriminate” against one or another because they are not the flag carriers of a country.

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Therefore, they defend that the rules of the European Union in terms of aid can not be discriminatory and allude to their right to be able to go to that support provided by the governments of the countries where it operates.

Instead of “giving money” to the airlines, Ryanair proposes other measures that reach the whole sector, such as the reduction of airport taxes, which benefit all airlines equally.

“What is happening in terms of state aid in Europe is unprecedented and we will appeal the aid and hope to have positive results,” he said.

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