KLM Cityhopper will train Embraer 190 pilots through Virtual Reality.

KLM subsidiary KLM Cityhopper operates flights within Europe with a fleet of Embraers. In order to be able to respond more flexibly to the different training needs of pilots, KLM Cityhopper decided to investigate the possibilities of VR.

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“Virtual Reality (VR) turns out to make easily accessible training possible. It’s on-demand and location-independent, you don’t have to be in a classroom or a simulator at a certain time. What’s more, it invites you to discover what is completely safe in a virtual environment,” says Sebastian Gerkens, Senior Instructor Embraer at KLM Cityhopper.

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In addition, the new way of training results in cost savings, among other things because there is less work with external suppliers and pilots can be scheduled more flexibly.

The VR training courses were developed by KLM’s own VR experts in collaboration with KLM Cityhopper for the Embraer 175 and 190. These three applications are part of the so-called Type Rating Course, which is needed to introduce pilots to the specific characteristics of the aircraft type they will be flying on.

1. Virtual cockpit: The pilot is in the cockpit, which consists of an interactive computer-generated image of the control panels.
2. Instructional video: The pilot can watch a flight in a 360-degree film in the cockpit.
3. Walk-around: The kite can walk through and around the aircraft thanks to 360-degree static images.

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