Requirements and recommendations if you are going to travel outside of Colombia.

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After the gradual reopening of international flights in the country last September 21, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Colombia and El Dorado airport, have released some requirements and recommendations that you must take into account if you want to travel outside the country.

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Keep in mind that the destinations you can travel to from Colombia, so far are United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Guatemala.

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Having these destinations in mind, here we make a list with the guidelines you should follow when traveling outside the country.

1. The processing of the passport to be able to travel out of the country, must be done with previous appointment and it is necessary to consult to the governments of each department the place where the process is carried out.
2. The visa procedures must be consulted with the respective consular or immigration authorities if you are not a citizen or resident of the place of destination.
3. Before your trip you must consult with the authorities of each country the health requirements for entry (vaccines, covid-19 test, etc).
4. You can download the Mi Consulado mobile application or consult the Catálogo del Buen Viajero for more information on the procedures and services of the ministry, and contact details of the consulates abroad.
5. Travelers must fill out the Check-Mig form for Migration Colombia from 24 to 1 hour before their flight, in order to facilitate their emigration control.

Ministry of Health

1. The access to the airport will be at least 3 hours in advance, in order to avoid crowding inside the facilities.
2. The use of the mouthpiece is mandatory from the entrance of the airport, during the trip and at the point of arrival, regardless of the length of the journey.
3. For short flights, it is recommended not to use the plane’s restrooms.
4. For medium and long flights, it is advisable to take several mouthpieces to be able to change them constantly.

El Dorado Airport

1. Download the El Dorado airport mobile application and create your Dorado Pass, the pass that allows you to enter the airport, conduct health surveys and perform all airport processes without physical contact.
2. Don’t forget to download your pass from the app or take it with you on paper.
3. Escorts are not allowed at the airport. If you are going to be accompanied, make sure it is in the permitted areas and that the person leaves immediately.
4. When you arrive at the airport, identify the authorized doors and keep the distance of two meters.
5. Use the disinfection mats for your feet and the tires of your luggage.
6. Disinfect your hands constantly using the dispensers at the airport.
7. When passing through the thermal corridor your temperature will be taken, if it exceeds 38 degrees the established biosecurity protocol will be initiated.
8. If you forgot to print out your check-in or the stickers on your suitcase, you can do so in the self-service modules provided.
9. You can check your luggage using the self bag drop.
10. You must wait for your flight only in the chairs that are marked for it.
11. On these international flights, the use of entertainment services will be allowed, as well as the provision of services on board.

Downloading the Coronapp application is not mandatory, however, it will help you to know the progress of the virus in the country. Remember that once on the flight, you must follow the recommendations of the airline staff.

By Infobae