Airplane runs over bear during landing at an Alaska airport.

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An Alaska Airlines plane hit and killed a grizzly bear during a landing maneuver at an airport in Yakutat, Alaska.

Airport workers followed landing protocol as Alaska Airlines Flight 66 approached the site. The runway was cleared almost 10 minutes before landing, but two bears entered the airport just as the aircraft was about to enter, ViveUsa reported.

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According to the airline, the captain felt an impact on the left side of the Boeing 737-700 aircraft after he observed the animals passing by.

The body of one of the brown bears was left in the middle of the runway, while its cub was unharmed from last Saturday’s accident.

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No passengers or crew members were injured on the plane. The flight was scheduled to stop in Yakutat before heading to Juneau.

Due to the incident, the passengers were sent to Anchorage on another airline flight.

In Alaska, it is common for planes to have incidents with animals while in the air or when they arrive at airports. Therefore, the Yakutat facility is surrounded by fences and protocols are in place to try to keep wildlife out of the region using different methods.

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