Avianca resume direct flights between Barranquilla and Miami.

As of Thursday, December 3rd, Avianca will resume direct flights on the Barranquilla-Miami-Barranquilla route, which will initially operate with 3 weekly frequencies, Monday, Thursday and Saturday, from Ernesto Cortissoz Airport and Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Miami International Airport.

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The aircraft assigned for this route will be an Airbus 320 with a capacity for 150 people, 12 in the executive cabin and 138 in the tourist cabin, with which the airline will offer more than 3,000 seats during December and expects to continue gradually increasing its flights on this route, in accordance with the permits issued by the authorities, as well as the demand for passengers.

“We are very happy to be able to resume the Barranquilla-Miami route and continue to link directly to the Barranquilleros with the United States. In addition, we know how important air transport is for the economy of the region, so we hope to continue gradually increasing our operations and offering more seats in the market,” said Julian Laverde, Vice President of Network Operations of Avianca.

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