EasyJet rents and sells eleven other aircraft.

EasyJet has announced this Friday that it has leased and sold eleven other aircraft, which will generate a total cash income of $169.5 million (approximately 143 million euros), with the aim of obtaining more liquidity.

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This operation is added to the one announced on October 27th, in which he confirmed the sale for subsequent rental of nine aircraft, which will generate a total cash income of 398.6 million dollars (336 million euros).

According to the information sent this Friday to the London Stock Exchange, ten aircraft of the A320 Family were sold to ACS Aero 2 Beta Limited. easyJet also sold an aircraft of the A320 Family to JLPS Holding Ireland Limited for a cash revenue of 45 million dollars (approximately 37.9 million euros), EuropaPress reported.

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Upon completion of these new sale and lease transactions, easyJet will retain 141 fully owned and unencumbered aircraft, representing approximately 41% of the fleet.

“easyJet will continue to review its liquidity position on a regular basis and will continue to evaluate other financing options, including those that exist in the robust sale and lease market,” the company said in a statement.

Expects to fly with 20% capacity in the face of new restrictions

Following the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday, as well as similar announcements in Germany and France recently, about restriction measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, easyJet now expects to fly at no more than 20% of the planned capacity for the first quarter of the fiscal year, until December 31st.

“We continue to focus on cash-generating flights during the winter season in order to minimize losses during the first half of the year and maintain flexibility to increase capacity quickly when we see a return to demand,” the company said.

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