Iberia will operate all long haul flights today and 50% those in Europe.

The airline Iberia will operate from this Tuesday 50% of its short and medium radius flights that connect Madrid with the rest of Spain and Europe, and all long radius flights initially scheduled at Barajas airport although they may be delayed due to snow limitations.

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According to the statement from the airline, the airport of Madrid will continue to operate this Tuesday but “with many limitations due to snow on the runways and parking areas of the aircraft, which reduces the number of possible operations very significantly,” EFE reported.

“Iberia has decided to maintain the nine long-range flights initially scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), although these flights could be delayed due to the limited availability of practicable parking areas”.

Customers who had planned to travel from last Friday until next Wednesday, January 13, “may change their flight date until March 20” through the website iberia.com, section “Your flights, Manage your reservation”.

Therefore the company asks its customers to manage their changes through the website of the airline and avoid, as far as possible, calling the call center.

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