Iberia launches contest to choose your 113th destination summer.

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Spanish airline Iberia has organized a contest on social networks to choose its 113th destination to travel this summer among seven proposals, which are: Ljubljana, Slovenia; Bastia, France; Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Zante, Greece; Fez, Morocco; and Azores, Portugal.

The airline has presented this week its summer program with 112 destinations, including the launch of Maldives, where it will fly for the first time next July, and to which will be added the most voted by the followers in its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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Iberia said Friday, in a statement, that this is the first time in the company’s history that its followers on social networks decide where the airline will fly, EFE reported.

The winning route will be announced on April 28 and the airline will schedule flights to the chosen destination in August.

In addition, just for participating, followers of each social network – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – will be entered into a draw for two round-trip tickets to the most voted destination.

Photo: Bene Riobó/Wikipedia

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