JetSMART plane makes emergency landing in Concepción, Chile.

JetSMART flight JA270, which covered the Concepción – Antofagasta route, had to make an emergency landing this Thursday morning after one of its engines failed shortly after takeoff. The plane was carrying 171 passengers on board.

“On flight JA270 that took off at 9:04 from Concepción to Antofagasta, there was an incident in one of the engines of the Airbus A320neo aircraft, possibly bird ingestion, which activated the respective safety procedures, so the aircraft returned to Carriel Sur Airport and landed safely and without problems,” the airline explained in a statement.

“The airport, the airline and the authorities are following the corresponding operational procedures. The information at the moment is that the passengers and crew are well and safe. The aircraft was driven onto the bridge, following safety procedures, and all passengers have been safely disembarked,” the statement added.

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