EU Court annuls German aid to Condor.

The General Court of the European Union upheld on Wednesday an appeal filed by Ryanair and annulled the authorization granted by the European Commission to Germany to give 550 million euros in public aid to the airline Condor for the covid pandemic, considering that Brussels did not give sufficient reasons for its decision.

However, the European court suspended the effects of the annulment until the EU executive branch adopts a new decision, since an immediate review of the aid to Condor “would have very damaging consequences for Germany’s economy” given the serious economic disruption caused by covid-19, according to EFE.

This is the third time that the General Court has annulled state aid granted to an airline because of the pandemic at Ryanair’s request, after it decided the same thing in May also for lack of motivation for Portugal’s bailout of TAP and the Netherlands’ bailout of KLM.

The court, however, has upheld the Commission in most of the cases contested by the Irish low-cost airline that it has ruled on so far. Among others, it gave its endorsement to the Spanish Solvency Support Fund for Strategic Companies, which financed the rescue of Air Europa.

Photo: TJDarmstadt/Wikimedia

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