New Dominican airline Red Air receives certificate to start operations.

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The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC) delivered this Tuesday the operating certificate to the new airline Red Air for the start of its operations in the country.

The general director of the IDAC, Román E. Caamaño, formally handed over the AOC operating certificate to the president of Red Air, Héctor Gómez, who expressed his gratitude to the aeronautical authorities for their support in obtaining the operating permit.

“For us as an institution, it represents a satisfaction to formally hand over their operating certificate, for being the first airline that we have certified in our administration. We want to show them that we are great collaborators with the sector and despite how deeply affected it has been, we feel satisfied with this achievement,” said Caamaño.

The president of Red Air expressed his professional and personal respect for the general director of the IDAC, to whom he expressed the commitment to the joint growth of the aeronautical business sector and the governing body of civil aviation in the Dominican Republic, according to a press release.

As part of the personnel available to Red Air for the start of its operations, there are five Dominican pilots as well as cabin crew members.

The destinations to be served by the airline were not specified.

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