Avianca will have single cabin with differentiated seats on flights within Colombia.

Moving forward with the implementation process of the new business vision to be an airline where everyone can fly, Avianca announced that its domestic flights in Colombia will now operate with a single cabin, which will have different seat configurations.

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In line with this change and in order to have a simpler offer to fly within Colombia, as of today the company will market a simpler fare scheme of four sizes (XS, S, M and L) for flights starting October 20, which allows passengers to purchase other services in addition to the predetermined attributes of each fare, including the seat.

“We have the firm intention that more people fly with us and for that to happen we need to offer the best prices in the market, in addition to a more personalized service. With the four fare families XS, S, M and L, travelers will be able to choose their flying experience and select additional services. Our XS fare will offer even better prices and all complementary services will be optional, while the L fare includes carry-on and checked baggage, the possibility of changes, increased mileage accrual and access to any available seat at check-in. Thus, all our customers will be able to decide which type of service they want to purchase. It’s like going to a fast food restaurant: if you want the combo, you order and pay for it, but if you only want fries and soda, you order and pay for that,” explained Manuel Ambriz, Chief Commercial Officer.

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He also recalled that the airline will complete the total reconfiguration process of its aircraft cabins in 2022 “it is worth remembering that we are in a transition year and it will be at the end of 2022 that our fleet will have its final appearance”. He added that in this final adjustment, different types of seats will be maintained and passengers will be able to access one or the other depending on their needs and preferences.

Adopting global trends while maintaining the best of Avianca: a solid route network, the Avianca Lounge and the best loyalty program, and taking the best of the low-cost airline world: pricing and personalization is a fundamental part of the process of implementing Avianca’s new business vision.

Customers with tickets already purchased in XL and XXL sizes for flights on or after October 20 will maintain the benefits of those sizes.

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