Etihad seeks to hire up to 1,000 cabin crew.

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Etihad Airways announced Monday that it is organizing a major recruitment drive, seeking up to 1,000 cabin crew members.

The international recruitment days will take place in 10 different cities across the UAE, Middle East and Europe, including Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

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Applicants interested in attending the recruitment days should register in advance by visiting

Employees laid off due to the pandemic are welcome to apply through the airline’s alumni programme, which is currently advertising the positions available.

Captain Jihad Matta, Head of Crew Performance and Support, Etihad Airways, said: “I am pleased to say Etihad is in a position to be able to start hiring cabin crew again. The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult, however there is much to be positive about as travel restrictions ease and we ramp up operations to meet growing demand. A critical part of this is rebuilding our cabin crew team.”

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Alongside providing candidates with comprehensive information about living in Abu Dhabi, ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, and the dynamics of working with guests at 30,000 feet, the airline will also conduct an in-depth assessment process.

Successful candidates will undergo a comprehensive training programme in Abu Dhabi, which includes all aspects of cabin safety and service delivery. The training will be conducted at Zayed Campus, the airline’s training academy, and at the end of the programme, individuals will officially be awarded their wings.

Cabin crew are provided with tax-free income, company medical insurance, concessional travel benefits, transport, uniforms, fully furnished company accommodation in Abu Dhabi, and discounts on food and beverage and leisure activities in the fresh and vibrant surroundings of the capital of the UAE.

International cabin crew recruitment days:

  • Abu Dhabi: 11 October
  • Athens: 8 November
  • Cairo: 11 October
  • Milan: 9 November
  • Beirut: 17 – 18 October
  • Amsterdam: 15 November
  • Casablanca: 26 October
  • Abu Dhabi: 15 November
  • Kiev: 2 November
  • Alexandria: 22 November
  • Barcelona: 2 November
  • Beirut: 22 November

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