Avianca starts sales program on board

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In line with industry trends and the consolidation of a more flexible product that allows customers to continue to travel as they wish and pay only for what they want, from December 1 the onboard sales program will be available on Avianca aircraft, with a menu that will include more than 40 options of drinks, snacks, combos and other comfort products such as blankets, several of them tested and chosen by the travelers themselves.

In addition, in order to support the local entrepreneurial industry, Avianca invites entrepreneurs from Colombia, El Salvador and Ecuador to make their products available for sale at 36,000 feet in the second phase of the program.

Avianca adds to its vintage collection an airplane with a retro livery from LACSA.

“We want our customers to continue deciding what they want to pay for, which is why we are now giving them the option to choose their food on board. We are introducing a new onboard sales offer with more than 40 options that are in line with our purpose of offering an increasingly personalized product, because through our fare scheme, our customers already choose how they fly and now they can choose what to eat in the middle of the clouds. This is how we continue to keep in tune with the industry and the customer, and consolidate our vision of being an Avianca for All”, Frederico Pedreira, Chief Operating Officer of Avianca.

The new sales offer will be available for domestic flights in Colombia and Ecuador and international flights within the Americas, while onboard service on trips to and from Europe and on the Bogota-Los Angeles-Bogota route will remain included in the ticket price.

This project is planned in phases to include more products and means of payment in a second stage, with the participation of a team of experts in gastronomy, as well as Versilia, Avianca’s partner and supplier of products for leading airlines in the industry, with presence in four continents.