Iberia to increase percentage of women in management positions to 40% by 2025

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In the wake of the pandemic, Iberia has redesigned its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan with a new approach that covers gender, generational, cultural (nationalities), LGTBIQ+ and disability groups. The objective of this new Plan is to achieve an adequate management of the diverse talent in the company, which enhances employees’ commitment and sense of belonging, and boosts internal creativity and innovation to face the organizational challenges that the airline has ahead.

As for the gender group, the airline is developing internal and external initiatives to give visibility to its female talent and boost the presence of women at all levels and professions within the company.

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According to María Bello, Director of People Development and Diversity, “companies should be a reflection of our society and contain as much heterogeneity as possible. Through the new Plan, we want to refocus our DE&I initiatives and understand how diverse our company is, detect opportunities for improvement and break down barriers. To do this, we want to involve the entire organization, rely on training and awareness programs, set goals, plan actions and review all our processes.”

2025: 40% of women in senior management positions

Women make up 38% of Iberia’s workforce; they are in the majority in the administrative corps and among cabin crew, and still a minority in professions such as pilots, aeronautical engineers and aircraft maintenance technicians.

In line with its parent company IAG, Iberia has committed to increase the percentage of women in management positions to 40% in the next two years. Between 2018 and 2022, the airline has gone from having 18% to 34% women in top positions.