The 19-passenger Swedish electric plane will take off in 2024.

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While Airbus wants to fly emission-free with hydrogen, an emerging company in Sweden is preparing to launch an electric airplane to the market. Gothenburg-based Heart Aviation is developing an aircraft with a range of 400 kilometers for 19 passengers.

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The plane, called ES-19, is scheduled to take off for the first time in mid 2024 and be certified in 2026.

“Initially, our aircraft will provide point-to-point transportation between Scandinavian cities,” said Heart Aviation.

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The aircraft with four electric propellers, winglets and T-tail will only need 750 meters of runway for take-off and landing.

On September 23rd, Heart Aviation presented its propulsion system, with which the company is already carrying out ground tests. The next step is to build a model of the ES-19, which is one-fifth the size of the original, and is scheduled to take off in 2020.

Heart Aviation indicated that several companies, such as SAS, Braathens and Wideroe from Scandinavia, Air Greenland, Sounds Air from New Zealand, Pascan Aviation from Canada, Quantum Air from California and City Clipper from Great Britain, have shown interest in the aircraft.

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