Avianca closes historic labor agreements.

The Colombian airline Avianca successfully completed agreements with the associations and unions that bring together the largest number of employees of the company. The most recent one was reached with the Colombian Association of Flight Attendants -ACAV- today.

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Previously, agreements were reached with the Colombian Association of Civil Aviators -ACDAC- on October 27, and with the Avianca Pilots Association -ADPA- and the Avianca Aviators Organization -ODEAA- on November 25. In addition, pilots who do not belong to any association also voluntarily joined the Avianca proposal, which includes an agreement that governs, in its main terms, for 4 years.

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These agreements were signed with the purpose of confronting the current behavior of the air sector, overcoming the unprecedented effects that this pandemic has generated in the industry and being a more profitable and sustainable airline in the long term, and reflect an important advance for the necessary process of integral reorganization of the airline.

“Without a doubt, these agreements mean a new beginning for Avianca and the strengthening of the vision of social dialogue in our labor relations. Furthermore, not only do they ratify the common vision of being a more competitive company in the long term, but they add to the gradual resumption of our operations in the different markets where we operate, as well as the advances we have made in the Chapter 11 process (including the approval of the U.S. Court to access DIP financing),” said Anko van der Werff, president and CEO of Avianca.

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