Colombia: Permission granted to build the Coffee Airport.

The Civil Aeronautics of Colombia informed, by means of resolution 089 of January 13, 2021, that it granted the construction permit to the so-called Coffee Airport (Aerocafé) in its stage 1 in Palestine, Caldas.

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The entity explains that the permit is given after a thorough technical review of the Inspection Group of Air Navigation Services (Gisna) and the Aerodrome Inspection Group (AGA) of the Directorate of Standards of Air Navigation Services and Airport Services (Desnasa) of the Civil Aeronautics, reported El Espectador.

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The review determined that the Coffee Airport complies with the requirements established in the national and international norms on aerodromes. Therefore, its construction may begin.

The Government expects that the project will contribute to the competitiveness and connectivity of the Coffee Axis, particularly the department of Caldas. In addition to contributing to the economic reactivation, employment in the region and, in the medium term, to tourism, by allowing a constant flow of passengers from different parts of the country.

“This is another milestone reached by Aerocafé, which allows us to ratify with facts the commitment of President Duque to leave the people of Caldas a modern airport, with the best security conditions for air operations and an airport infrastructure that responds to the needs of the nearly one million inhabitants of the department,” said the Minister of Transportation, Angela María Orozco.

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