Viva and SENA present Aula A320.

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In search of optimizing resources in favor of the low-cost model and with the firm commitment to promote strategic alliances that benefit the aeronautical industry, the airline Viva, together with SENA, developed a training classroom in the institution’s facilities. In this space, Viva will conduct its own training for engineers, technicians and specialized personnel, who are part of the company’s human team, both in Colombia and Peru, and who contribute directly and indirectly in the maintenance processes.

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Through an unprecedented agreement in the country, which aims to encourage the knowledge and development of skills that form integral and qualified technicians for the aviation industry, the two entities present the Aula A320, a training space equipped with ACT software, a tool that allows the development of technical courses, and suitable with the conditions required by Airbus, software provider and manufacturer of Viva’s fleet.

“Since the second half of 2020, we have been looking for alliances with universities and academic institutions that would allow us to have spaces to conduct our own training and take advantage of our talent. To achieve this purpose, we made a special synergy with SENA and we became the only airline in Colombia that currently has a classroom in an educational entity. With this project, we estimate that by 2022 we will generate savings of approximately 75% and that even by that same year, 74% of the courses will be taught by our own instructors,” commented Francisco Lalinde, VP of Operations and People at Viva.

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“For SENA, this alliance with Viva, which is at the service of Colombians, is a reason for happiness, as it will be the impetus for the generation of new capabilities that will lead us to obtain greater results and achieve promote the growth of the aeronautical sector, communities and the country. It is also a source of pride as this is the first classroom for Airbus 320 aircraft training in a training center approved by the authority and the manufacturer”, added Juan Felipe Rendón, SENA Regional Director.

It should be noted that the training courses that will be held in the classroom are mainly technical courses related to the A320 aircraft. The first group that is part of the A320 General Familiarization course inaugurated the classroom, a space that seeks to enhance the academic profile of the students and provide better trained personnel for the industry. In addition, thanks to the agreement between the two entities, SENA technicians will be able to carry out their internships at Viva.

Finally, the airline highlights that one of its major projects for 2021 was to become an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), a distinction that has already been approved and is awaiting the approval of the Civil Aeronautics. In this way, Viva ratifies its commitment to operational efficiency and high safety standards in its flights, so that more Colombians can fly throughout the region and the world, to the best destinations, at consistently low prices and in the most modern fleet in the country.

Courses to be taught in the Aula A320:

  • Family. Line & Base Maintenance. CFM56 & LEAP1A
  • A320 Family. General Familiarization. CFM 56 LEAP1A
  • From A320 (CFM 56) to A320 (CFM LEAP1A) Family – Initial
  • May also be implemented for courses we have approved in the training manual if space is required with prior authorization.

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