Aeromexico announces 5 new routes from new AIFA airport

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Aeromexico expands its connectivity network to and from the Mexico Valley metropolitan area so that customers can choose the airport that fits their travel plans, whether using Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) or Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico celebrate five years of their transborder alliance.

The airline currently operates three routes: Merida (Seven frequencies); Puerto Vallarta – (Four frequencies); Villahermosa (Three frequencies).

New routes as of August 15, 2022 (weekly frequencies):

  • Acapulco – Seven
  • Cancun – Seven
  • Guadalajara – Catorce
  • Monterrey – Catorce
  • Oaxaca – Seven
  • Merida – Stays at seven
  • Puerto Vallarta – Increases from four to seven
  • Villahermosa – Increases from three to seven

During August the supply of seats will be close to 50,000, which represents more than 400% growth compared to the current supply.

By the second half of September, Veracruz will be added as a ninth destination and frequencies will be increased on three of the routes. As a result, Aeromexico will be operating 900 monthly arrivals and departures from AIFA with a monthly offer of more than 100,000 seats.

With the new flights, Aeromexico will be operating 51 routes in the domestic market.